How To Increase The Life Of Your Laptop Battery

Frustrated by your laptop. Only because the battery so now it’s the time to become happy. Because after reading this post you will be amazed by knowing this simple trick. After your so much requests in the comments i am back again with my tricks and tweaks that you all love to read in my post. This simple trick will left you in shock and you will be saying that OMG i didn’t knew this. So get ready to be in shock because after reading this you will be so very excited to apply this simple trick  that How To Increase The Life Of Your Laptop Battery on your laptop.

Step 1: Make Use Of Power Manager

Mostly Laptop’s battery last for 1 to 2 years then it starts performing abnormally. By this it affects the performance of the laptop in extent. Now to avoid these things expertise recommend this tool which can be accessed by going into the control panel and go into the option of power option or just type ‘powercfg.cpl’ in the command prompt. With the help of this tool user has the access to the variety of power option. Windows provide the user some pre-power options or pre-plans such as power over plans and balanced. If you want to do more modifications with your power plans you have to customize one yourself according to you. There is a advance setting window which allow user to set behavioral commands for different component of computers. For example, USB slots or ports can be disabled and CPU can be overclocked to save the battery life of the laptop. These are easy and powerful tricks that may fulfill the needs of the user.

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Step 2 : Dumping The Unwanted Applications Using Task Manager

The most commonly used method by most of the user is trashing the unwanted applications,programs and background processes to increase the run time or the life of the battery. By performing this simple task it will reduce the burden or you can the work load on the CPU in extent, will also reduce hard drive access  and free up ram this all tasks will help increase your battery’s life.


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