3 Simple Ways to Install A WordPress Plugin

In this WordPress beginner’s program , we’ll provide you with 3 simple and easy methods to install a WordPress plugin . We’ve written this article for people who would like to learn the ideal WordPress procedures . We’ve started with the simplest along with the most preferred way for setting up a WordPress plugin , after which you can proceeded to describe the rest .how to install wordpress plugin

There are many screenshots had been utilized to help you through the procedure . In case you face any kind of difficulty or may have any kind of feedback on how exactly we could improve this , drop us a comment .

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Let’s begin

The highly recommended approach to install a WordPress plugin Possibly one of the simplest approach to install a WordPress plugin is by utilizing the WordPress dashboard .Most likely , you’re gonna install an official wordpress plugin , i .e . one which will come in the WordPress .org plugin repository .

Day to day plugins like JetPack WordPress , WordPress Search engine optimization and also W3 Cache should be installed by this method , should your web host allow it . In 99% of the scenarios , this works .

First Way:-To Install WordPress Plugin

Which means you begin by logging into the WordPress dash panel and also from the left hand menu navigate to Plugins > Add Newadd new plugin

You insert the plugin’s name in the browse box . Let’s think you want to install JetPack . We write “Jetpack ” in the browse box and then hit Enter .search plugin in search box

The very first outcome returned is the wordpress plugin you want to install . We just click Install Now .click install the plugin

WordPress can then download the plugin as well as unpack it . As soon as that’s over , it’ll inquire you if you wish to activate the plugin .

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