The Beginner Guide Of Bing Webmaster Tool For Blogger

In case you don’t still have a Bing Webmaster Tools ( BWT ) account , simply go on and register . Identical to Google Webmaster Tools ( GWT ) , Bing’s Webmaster Tools delivers some good data for webmasters as well as bloggers to make use of and also address possible Search engine optimization problems , and also functions as the prime mechanism for Bing to interact those problems to web owners . All this for the princely sum of free of charge ( which is certainly an extremely fair price IMHO ) . For all those not familiar with Bing Webmaster Tools , this manual are going to guide you via the diverse features accessible to almost all webmasters .First of alll you have to add your site into bing webmaster tool.I show you how you can do this.

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Adding A Site To Bing Webmaster


After That there are different method of Verification or we can also say that Bing Webmaster  provides numerous verification techniques .

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  1. XML File Verification
  2. Meta Tag Confirmation
  3. DNS Confirmation

After for all we will talk about XML file verification.Using this choice you’ll download and read a file called “BingSiteAuth .xml” which can automatically possess an entrance keyed to the account . This report will have to be put into the root directory of your website . As soon as it’s there you click on the Verify key at the bottom part of the web page .

After That another method of verification is Meta Tag Confirmation.Using this choice you’ll obtain the line of code offered and also put it in the section of the home page of your website . As soon as it’s there you click on the Verify button at the bottom part of the webpage .

And Last verification Techniques is DNS Confirmation.This method is much more technical compared to the previous 2 , however if you simply have accessibility to the hosting solution , and also don’t be capable to either alter the head of your home page or simply drop files in the root of the domain , and then this really is the solely choice which will be right for you .

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As soon as this was carried out , you just need to click on the Confirm button at the bottom part of the webpage .


Visiting on your website will take one to the dashboard . Right here you’ll notice information demonstrating trending data throughout the last month ? clicks , opinions , webpages crawled , crawl problems , and also webpages indexed . You’ll furthermore notice some fundamental details on the sitemaps , leading keywords and phrases , and also best webpages related to .

After That there are many options available on the left side of your dashboard and  the First Options is Configure My Site.You have to click on that you will different sub-menu of that also open and very first Option is Sitemap.

Configure My WebsiteConfigure_My_site

Clicking in this tab provides you with a dashboard of data for things that you may affect while configuring your website . Clicking on the sub-tabs provides you with a lot more detail and also enable you to create alterations where relevant .


Here’s where one can post new sitemaps , and also be informed of the success/error status of the sitemap


Ignore These URL Parameters

Ignore _These_URL_Parameters

Right here you will have the power to direct the Bing crawler ( Bingbot ) to neglect URL guidelines which have absolutely no effect upon the content material of the webpage ( generally monitoring guidelines ) . The purpose that this choice is offered was due to the issue over replicate content material ? similar content material distinct URLs . By demonstrating the crawlers to neglect particular guidelines , the concept was that it would probably lessen the likelihood of duplicate content material .

In case you’re utilizing canonical tags you will have no need to utilize this choice as the canonical tags is going to take proper care of normalizing the URLs . In case you’re not utilizing canonical tags , just simply insert the key element of the parameter to be ignored and also click on submit ( after that get a canonical tag project on the product roadmap so that you can neglect this later on ) .

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