Google Launches Mobile phone Friendly Testing Tool

I pointed out several times regarding the significance of having a mobile phone optimized model of your site a lot of people have made a adjustment to mobile phone optimized site . Simultaneously a lot of you who are awaiting for the ideal time to shift to mobile phone friendly theme , this really is the best time that you should possess a mobile phone optimized site . Google team declared the release of a brand new label in search which will display if a webpage is mobile optimized or perhaps not . Certainly this may impact click-through rate by good percent for customers utilizing mobiles to browse net . This is when this recent label reveals up in front of web-pages which are usually mobile phone optimized .

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This is simply not a formal ranking point so far , however it may be consider as a ranking factors in upcoming time . This is a quote form official announcement webpage :


“We are experimenting with utilizing the mobile-friendly criteria as a ranking signal .”

Listed here are a few of the aspects that you must think about while making your site mobile phone friendly :

  • Prevent utilizing flash or perhaps some other software that is certainly not popular on all of the mobile phones .
  • Text of the webpage must be understandable without zooming .
  • Sizes content to the display screen so consumers don’t need to scroll horizontally as well as zoom .
  • Links must be put into a manner so they can easily be tapped with sufficient space between 2 links .

Likelihood is your site is currently mobile phone pleasant so you may start seeing the ” Mobile-friendly” label in mobile phone search engines soon for your site . However you may also look at Google webmaster tool for webpages that are not cell phone friendly . This is the link to mobile phone functionality report for the Google Webmaster tool . Within my scenario I learned some webpages are marked as errors and also I have to focus on them to make it mobile phone friendly . 2 most popular kinds of error which I found here :

  • Touch elements too close
  •  Content not sized to viewport

This is a screenshot from my Google Webmaster tool :mobile_usability

In the event you observe identical errors on your GWT dashboard , be sure you spend some time to make adjustments to remove all of the the usability errors .

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