How To Anonymous and Send Fake SMS

When we talk about some Geeky way to play prank with your friends or enemies. The most common way of it is sending fake and anonymous SMS. There many online websites through which you can send anonymous SMS.You must be thinking what exactly are these fake and anonymous SMS, it is just that you can send message to any of your friend with any unknown number which does’t exist. Let take an example that i can send SMS to my any friend with any unknown phone number. Specially when you are playing fake sms with your buddies you can always make your prank ideas look more bona fide.

In simple words it is called as SMS spoofing. Irreproachable, this is not correct most of the people do misuse of the feature of these SMS spoofing sites. So, i suggest you an alternative of free services for the goodness of your own and don’t use it for harming or to just hurt someone’s feelings. Another very good advantages of these websites are that you can send text message without making use of cell phones like a free SMS service. Even though you can’t use this service full f ledge since they provides you a limited number of SMS.

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For example, you can send an sms to your whole class by giving fake news that tomorrow is a holiday of your university by the number of your class teacher or by the adviser. But just take care of that your sms doesn’t end up with hurting someone’s feeling.

You never know when or where you may need this cool service, could be anytime in your life!!!!

So I personally suggest you to set this online website as your bookmarks and so you can enjoy playing pranks with your friends. Although there are some websites which have not set any limit of sending fake SMS you can send unlimited sms in a day.

I am updating this article by reviewing various websites that claims that you can send fake and anonymous SMS’s and lastly hardly any of these works. Here is a website which works  it’s  for free. You are Not required to buy credits which is not at all costly here it is pimpmysms.

Here comes a screenshot:

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