18 Reliable Techniques To Write An Absolutely Optimized Blog Post

In the last months I’ve gathered a lot of good quality sources about how exactly to write an ideal blog post . Therefore I felt it’s best to do a mash-up rather than merely rewriting/reposting what’s previously stated in the blogosphere . Therefore I’ll be concentrating on creating a blog post that’s nicely optimized which allures search engine and also social media marketing love .As you may understand , there are lots of bloggers who compose genuinely wonderful content material however the issue is their blog posts are not too optimized . The cause might be they don’t worry about Search engine optimization a lot or even they may be not too tech-savvy so that they don’t understand how to optimize their blog posts .

Therefore I really believe this blog post may also help the not so tech-savvy bloggers ( food blogs , personal blogs ) so they are able to optimize their current and also future blog posts to increase the website traffic .

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To Put It Briefly : 18 Steps To A Completely Optimized Blog Post

1 . Be Unique . Be Oneself .

2 . Make use of Keywords and phrases Efficiently .

3 . Write An Epic Title

4 . Write An Alternative Title by Making It The H1 Tag

5 . Write An Effective Introduction

6 . Make use of Sub-headings ( H2 And H3 tags ) & Bullet Points

7 . Competitive Evaluation

8 . Write Detailed Articles

9 . Interlink Your Blog Posts

10 . Link To Other Blog Posts

11 . Write A Good Meta Description

12 . Include Appropriate Tags & Categories

13 . Make The URL Friendly & Optimized

14 . Make use of Appropriate & Good quality Pictures

15 . Optimize Pictures To Boost Visitors

16 . Embed Audios & Video clips

17 . Add Call To Action ( CTA )

18 . Add Google Authorship

First Of All ,We Will Start with Uniqueness.

1 . Be Unique . Be Oneself

It’s ok to compose a blog post regarding a news information that’s so far blogged by 1 ,000 sites in your niche . The issue is exactly what can make your blogs post different ? Are you currently merely rewriting what’s created in other blogs or perhaps have you been including your own personal views and ideas ? If you’re including worth to your blog posts in a single method or perhaps the other in that case you’re on the right path . It doesn’t concern in case you have haters or in case of they’re criticizing your blog posts provided that you’re correct .

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You don’t really need to write a blog post every day just to engage your visitors . It might boost your website traffic , your Alexa rank however that won’t turn you into an amazing blogger . I think write only when you have anything good to speak .

2 . Make use of Keywords and phrases Efficiently

When you probably understand , keywords and phrases are search-terms that individuals utilize to discover websites and also keyword research is the technique of discovering the worth of those keywords and phrases . Keyword research is not necessary for almost all your blogs post however it’s essential while you’re writing an detailed blog post or even a tutorial .

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Therefore , exactly why is keyword research crucial ? In the event that your astounding blog post is lacking the essential keywords and phrases after which it signifies it’s not search optimized . Because search engines like Google make use of keywords and phrases ( as well as other signals too ) to figure out the relevancy of a webpage it’s essential to incorporate the keywords and phrases that individuals is going to be employing to find your blog post .

In case you’re in a competing market then you definitely focus on long tail keywords and phrases ( keywords and phrases which often possess 3 or even more words in the phrase ) . Since it’s simple to position a webpage for a lengthy tail keyword or keyword phrasealong with the traffic quality may also be fantastic particularly after you have an area of interest blog .

3 . Write An Epic Title

Consumers are going to study the title and also that’s assured however they don’t look at your blogs post word-by-word unless of course they really want to . Therefore creating an effective title is the quickest and easiest approach to acquire the attention of the readers . Ensure it’s less than 70 characters as well as it’s an outstanding practice in the event that the main keywords that you’re focusing on are at the starting of the title .

Additionally , in case you’re #9 in Google for a keyword phrase and if customers are clicking on on your link ( that is definitely if the click through rate is high ) than the top 5 search engine results position then your ranking are going to enhance and also ultimately you might result in top 5 .

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If you’re not good at creating titles just like me in that case give a go to Content material Idea Generator by Portent or even discover ways to spin a title that’s previously widely used . I additionally suggest reading the advanced guide by Buffer regarding composing great titles on Twitter , Facebook , and also Blog depending on their study .

4 . Write An Alternative Title by Making It The H1 Tag

When you have done an in-depth blog post after the necessary keyword research and competitor analysis you can think about two titles (in fact the 2nd one is the H1 tag). WordPress (and some other content management systems) by default assumes that your Title tag and H1 are the same and there’s no option to change it.

But if you’re usingYoast WordPress SEO Plugin (or other SEO plugins) then you can write a customtag from your WordPress dashboard. It’s useful when you want to write two versions of thesame title ? one should be search optimized and other one should be user friendly.

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If your blog is an authority one then it won’t be a problem but otherwise it’s somewhat difficult to write a title that’s both user-friendly and search optimized. If it’s user-friendly then there’s less space to add the targeted keywords and if it’s a search optimized title then it may be boring to users.

And Google will either show your Title tag or theH1 tag as the title of your blog post in search result pages. In my blog the title that you’re seeing within the blog post is actually theH1 tag and the title that you’re seeing on the task bar (or your web browser tab) is thetag. When people share your blog post on social media it’s mostly the <Title> tag.

5 . Write An Effective Introduction

Intro is the next factor after the title that individuals really examine . For those who have an excellent intro then most likely they are going to study your complete blog post or at best scan it . It is possible to sum up the entire blog post in the intro by telling exactly what you’re creating regarding and also exactly why people must really read it .

Additionally , it’s vital that you contain the primary keywords and phrases that you’re focusing on in the very first few paragraphs since that shows the search engines like Google that the articles are regarding that keyword phrase . I must acknowledge that I am very bad at composing however I’m good in research ( or at best I think this way ) therefore I generally write to archive my mind or even share the sources that I’ve gathered with time . However I actually do improve the blog posts on a regular basis to ensure it is as helpful as is possible .

6 . Make use of Sub-headings ( H2 and H3 tags ) & Bullet Points

Such as I’ve stated , people don?t really read your blogs posts they examine through it . You’ve to create your blog posts a lot more understandable by utilizing subheadings and also bullet points . Exactly why ? Since it enhances the consumer experience since it’s simpler to read subheadings as well as bullet points compared to paragraphs . As well as your visitors knows the things they can get without reading through the whole paragraphs . For instance , you split one blog post into numerous parts by making use of subheadings as well as bullet points even though they’re closely related .

Make use of heading tags ( H1 , H2 , H3 , H4 , H5 , H6 ) efficiently . H1 tag is an essential as well as H6 is the least essential heading in a webpage . And also be aware of , you can have multiple H2 and H6 tags however it’s a perfect practice to limit to 1 H1 tag per webpage .

7 . Competitive Evaluation

When you’re writing anything amazing as well as something which needs lots of energy in that case do certain competitor research . Since that’s the merely approach to inform whether or not you’re gonna rank for the target keyword phrase or not . When the topic that you’ve prepared has already been covered on a huge amount of other blogs you then need to make it best of all to outrank the competitors . Otherwise think about what might make you exclusive ?

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Exactly why the webpage should get ranking higher on Google ? In the event you think that your content material provides much more value compared to the competitors then it must rank higher at some point ( obviously it requires time also it depends on many other aspects just like authority of your blog , keyword competitors , and so on . ) .

For instance , in the event that it’s a “Top X Tips” type of post if your competitor is listing around 50 tips then you can certainly do your research to make it a listing of 100 . Yet another approach is usually upgrading the content material on your web blog . It’s a great practice to upgrade your content material to ensure it is more appropriate as well as fresh so that you can turn out to be among the evergreen content material .

8 . Write Detailed Articles

A year ago Google launched a brand new feature known as “In-depth articles” . The concept would be to emphasize high quality comprehensive content material in Google search results since their study mentioned that 10% of customers required detailed content material . Therefore boost your blogs for the “In-depth articles” characteristic and also write in-depth articles whenever feasible .

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