There is no Doubt That many of us are addicted using Facebook in our daily life . This Is just the simple and easy way to connect with all around the world and the best part is that the Facebook is free of cost any one can easily make account on it without any problem even a born child today know how to create account on Facebook . The Facebook provide The best Service to there users that’s why we Prefer Facebook In-steed of others social networking web sites. In this Article I will Not teach You How to create account As You all very well Know this but If i Ask You That you can access your Facebook account by using three different password Would you Believe . Yes we can access our Facebook account by Using 3 Different password . What You have To do is to follow the given instruction carefully .

Step 1. Your Original Password:-

now Let us assume that you are using “btsPassWord” as Your Login Password. this is the password or the default password which you use while connecting with Facebook server.

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Step 2:- Your original password with the case reversed(Toggle case):

Now this is quit interesting In This you will simply Toggle You Password and Use it .for example your default password is “btsPassWord” which you use for your Login in this ‘P’ and ‘W’ is capitalized . but when you toggle your password it will become just like this “BTSpASSwORD” through this password you will Login your Facebook again.

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