Top google Plugins For Pro WordPress Blogger

Peanut butter or jelly . Bonnie and Clyde . Yin and yang . Horse and carriage . A few things simply appear to naturally proceed with each other . When you operate a WordPress website , so unless of course you’re running an extremely uncommon website in a very uncommon way , you may have it linked to The search engines in one way or even another . Perhaps it’s via Analytic’s . Or perhaps it’s with Adsense . Perhaps you utilize Google Maps . Or possibly you’ve inserted a YouTube video or even two .The items , when you stop and think it over , you’re possibly linked .

Below we’ll provide you with some other possible connections – 22 to be specific . These types of plugins will help you connect with and also work with Google solutions in most types of methods . We’ll write all of them in alphabetical order .

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Once you learn of other good options , you should understand in the comments . 

1 . Google Adsense

Google_AdSenseThe “Google Adsense” wordpress plugin , as you may think about , enables you to very easily locate Google adsense advertisements into your website . Additionally , you may also alter the look of the advertisements along with it – altering the corners , the shade of the components , and so on .

2 . Google Analytics

The Google Analytics+ wordpress plugin is amongst our own here at WPMU DEV . This wordpress plugin enables you to see the Google Analytics site stats for both individual web-sites along with a Multisite network . This plugin additionally combines with our Professional Websites plugin , which enables you to cost customers on the network for specific capabilities .
Since our Analytics wordpress plugin is not free of charge , we’ll go on and talk about a totally free one right here as well : Google Analytics Dashboard for WP .

3 . Google App Engine

The Google App Engine for the wordpress platform plugin is among solely 2 plugins official managed by Google by itself . This wordpress plugin is designed to give integration with the App Engine PHP runtime . It overrides WordPress’ primary performance to be able to utilize the App Engine infrastructure things like mail and also uploading to Google Cloud Storage space .

4 . Google Applications Sign in

The Google Apps Login allows individuals who already are logged into Google to extremely easy via your WordPress login also . The wordpress plugin makes use of OAuth2 authentication ( just as suggested by Google ) . The wordpress plugin writer offers shown a couple of recognized issues along with other plugins , which means you should verify that initially .

5 . Google Authenticator

The Google Authenticator places up two-factor authentication utilizing the Google Authenticator app for Android/iPhone/Blackberry . It could be establish on a per-user basis . Therefore , for instance , it is possible to need two-factor authentication for admins or even further high end customers , but definitely not for lower end users .

6 . Google Authorship

The AuthorSure wordpress plugin hooks you with Google Authorship . It really works for both together individual authors and also several authors . As well as setting you with Authorship , it provides you a small bio portion with links to some other social media web-sites .

7 . Google Calendar

The Google Calendar wordpress plugin delivers the Google Calendar into the The wordpress platform website and also displays events in power grid type , since listing on a Page/Post , or even in a widget .

8 . Google Chart Visualization

The Visualizer wordpress plugin should make it simple embed work together charts into your website utilizing the Google Visualization API . You will discover 9 chart categories : line , area , bar , column , pie , geo , gauge , candlestick , and scatter . Charts could be modified to suit your website .

9 . Google Doc Embedder 

The Google Doc Embedder enables you to embed PDFs , Microsoft Word docs , PowerPoint doc , Apple Pages , Adobe PSDs , as well as other kinds of data files utilizing the The search engines Doc Viewer – which needs absolutely no Flash or PDF plugins ) .

10 . Google Drive Media Integration

The Google Drive WP Media wordpress plugin provides you with integration between the Google Drive as well as your WordPress website . It is possible to handle Google Drive data files from The wordpress platform and also insert all of them into your website , along with send data files from WordPress to the Google Drive .

11 . Google Fonts

The Effortless Google Fonts wordpress plugin enables you to select from over 600 Google fonts to help to increase the theme . Certainly one of the nicest facets of this wordpress plugin is it combines with the WordPress Customizer , so that you can really obtain previews of the alterations before you decide to conserve them .

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