The Most Vital Feature of iOS 8

Apple has published iOS 8 however , at the time of at present , merely the developers have the ability to win an impression of it . It is going to be accessible to common customers when the open up beta version is moved out . Apple company , for the first time , is going to be allow onscreen keyboard from a 3rd party therefore you has the ability to easy access widgets from the notification center only . Aside from these two benefits , Apple has released a programming language of its very own – known as the Swift . It obtained big gratitude at the time of the WWDC opening keynote , also from http ://www .geekweeks .com . In case you are believing that Apple doesn’t possess something to provide you with or me , in that case think again ! The beta software possesses some vital benefits to offer . This is a listing of alterations which will improve the day-to-day use .

1.Onscreen Keyboard 

Apple has created opportunity for a third-party keyboard that is quite a well known craze in Android mobile phones . It is additionally modified its keyboard by presenting predictive writing the place where you will get a number of choices for the word that you will be going to insert .

2.iCloud Photo Library 

Presently you could store 1 ,000 pictures from your Apple device without having to be charged monthly fee however , with the brand new iCloud Photo Library , it will be possible to store pictures around 5GB at no cost you can always get additional storage space for $0 .99 every month around an optimum of 1TB .

3.Brand new benefits in iOS 8 camera 

If you were utilizing iOS devices , you then understand just how effortless it will be to utilize the camera app due to the user-friendly interface . Today it will likely be much better with 2 more choices : a video purpose time expire capture along with a three-second timer .


A brand new characteristic is launched , that is Hand off by using that you can begin a job on the Macintosh and also accomplish it on your iPhone . AirDrop will even perform just fine between Macs and also iPhones because of this continuity characteristic .

5.Family and friends sharing 

This really is an outstanding option for your parents to keep an eye on exactly what their children are downloading utilizing their credit cards . It permits around 6 consumers to share almost all the material which have been downloaded from iTunes .

6.Updates in messages as well 

iOS 8 customers can send audio messages or even video clip communications to family and friends by choosing the phone and also capturing their voice . Should you be fed up with group messages , then you can certainly make use of Do Not Disturb . You may also discuss the location that you will be in with the individual with which you can be conversing .

7.Apps’ TouchID

All of it begun with iPhone 5S as well as iOS 8 is going to take it 1 stage further , which makes it convenient for developers . Developers can permit their customers to unlock a saved password in key chain just by placing their fingertips on reader .

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