5 Top most White Hat And Black Hat Search Optimisation Strategies

Search engine optimization , as with everything in life has a very good , wholesome , fair and also correct way of doing things along with a bad , unfair , completely naughty method of doing things . To explain the 2 Search engine optimization methodologies the terms“White Hat” and “Black Hat” SEO were coined . We sit very strongly in the white hat camp trusting that when black hat SEO strategies probably have certain short-term good effect , the extended issues can be harmful for your site and in change your business .
Here we’ll analyze the topmost 5 black hat SEO strategies in a bid to enable you to determine whether the Search engine optimization firm you?re presently using are probably negotiating your business web site . After that we’ll analyze the topmost 5 white hat SEO strategies that we trust will have a positive impact on your search position without placing your business web-site at risk .

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Five Topmost Black Hat Search Optimization Strategies( SEO )

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1 . Invisible Content

Best of our list of black hat SEO strategies is invisible content . Hidden content is available in a number of guises however the basic principle is that within the code for the website there will be content material crammed with keywords , these content articles will never be visible to the customers of the website .

The best way of doing this is by utilizing comment tags . 

Comment tags appear like this :

< !? Comment Tag ?>

The genuine intent behind comment tags is for creators to include useful reminders within their code highlighting what that piece of code really does .

Here’s an example of the comment tag being used properly ,

< !? Begin of the Main Content ?> 

Here’s an example of a comment tag being used improperly in a bid to enhance a hypothetical web page focusing on SEO ,

< !?Search engine optimisation , SEO , professional search engine optimisation company , spamming the search engines ?->

2 . Meta Keyword Stuffing

There are 2 Meta tags which are usually used to inform search engines of the content on the webpage . They reside between the tag of a webpage whenever used improperly they can alert a search engine that a website is using spam methods so that they can improve its ranking .

Meta Description

The meta description ought to be utilized to explain the content of your webpage truthfully and also concisely and be one or two sentences , 3 at most .
Here’s a good example of the meta description being utilized in the proper manner , 

<meta name=”description” content=”TrendyUpdates is offering an entire range of digital marketing facilities throughout Greater Manchester. If you want Search Engine marketing ( SEM ) , Search Engine Optimisation ( SEO ) or Pay per Click ( PPC ) , we are able to help you . Contact us now .? />

Here’s an example of the meta explanation tag utilized improperly for a webpage promoting a restaurant called “MadeUp” , 

MadeUp restaurant site , our restaurant is superior to any restaurant ,great restaurant ,best meals restaurant ,visit our restaurant” />

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