Integrate Your own WordPress blog with Google+

I am also not going to lie , I have had my irritating events with Google+ , however genuinely it isn’t difficult to use into your WordPress site / blog and it is worth it ! Google+ is utilized in rating factors , and why not doing anything / all that you can to get search engine optimization benefits ?

To assist you to succeed , I am also pulling jointly a round up of choices for you to integrate Google+ into your….more

1. Authorship:

I realize that Exactly what you are thinking ? will this young lady always quit with the Authorship ! I very first mentioned about it here in 2012 , and also on my personal blog even earlier ….more

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2.Add A Plus 1 Button:

This is comparable to the Just like , however with Google’s extremely power .

If you want to really hard code , this is the code , one of you in case choose a plugin I utilizeVery Simple Share Buttons by While True….more


3.Add A Google+ Badge:

This permits people to very easily follow you starting from your site .

I utilized the New Google+ Widget word press plugin for . You may also tough code your badge with this easy script from Google and Bing ….more

4.Add Google+ Comments:

In my opinion , I don’t believe this really is a good idea , I feel you must always keep your comments under your own ownership…more 


Monitoring which articles are successful for you personally is fascinating and also really important ….more



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