Narendra Modi Is Set To Be The New Prime Minister of India.

Narendra Modi the candidate of BJP(Bharatiya Janata party ) party is looking forward to become the new prime minister of India . the majority of votes are  counted and Modi leads opposition 281 seats out of 500. The modi team need Only 30 More seats To establiosh this own sarkar. The 272 seats are are the milestones which needed for get majority in Indian politics. The Congress Who has governed Indian Policits fot The Last 67 years Since Independance , Is Headed for his Worst Ever defeat. Pasrty Vise president Rahul Gandhi is Upset While facing To Media this morning.


Rise In Economy.

Narendra Modi Who Rise The economy Of Gujarat Is looking Forward to be The Next prime minister of India and also he mention that there is Sufficent work for youth and also he provide good facalities and jobs to all Young. India is The largest country Of Democracy as with The Voting Over 1.2 billion people who decided the luck of All Party.

Click Here For Lok Sabha Election Results


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