How to Become professional Blogger From Newbie .

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  There are Millions Of Blogs running on  the internet but only few of them are good and  for us or only some of them are best. Every day thousand of new blogs and there only mission is to make online money they don”t even care about what they writing and what there readers thought about them. There only goal is to make money which is wrong. But Many Newbie bloggers don’t know how they can be become successful bloggers as they write quite well but how to become professional pro blogger…more

Write Unique Content.

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The first thing in the field of blogging is that what kind of materials you providing to your users. the way of your writing and the way of your style will effects the users. In this modern word blogger  just want to make money so easily you know what they do they just copy content of other pro blogger and paste it into there own blog . And they forget that Google never pick copy….more

Use Innovited Title Always 

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As I said That Content, keywords And many Things which i discuss below important for newbie bloggers the most important thing is to always choose innovited title for your article. the title of the artile shoud be seo and readers…..more

Blogging Strategy


  Make a proper schedule for your blogging . this it up to you how many article you write in a day or in a weak how much time you like to spend in marketing…more

Link Bulding Strategy

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This One of the key to make links with others blogs which are higher in page rank and higher in Alex ranking. comment on different blogs or website which will increase your Backlinks….more

Community of blogs.

blogging,new blogger,When New visitor come to you blog you will offer him/her in that fassion that they fell It is as a community and become the part of …more

Readers Friendly blog design

blogging,new blogger,Always design in proper and navigation way  that readers  will get easily what they wanted in time.because ” first impression is the last impression” . So always think before designing your blog  because  it will also play major in your blog traffic up and down…more

Always Reply To comments.

blogging,new blogger,  Always interact with your readers by replying there comments . all Readers must love this when you reply them back . from this they will comment again to know something ….more

Article marketing.

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Always  use high article marketing rather than low . submit your article with submission directories such as Ezine Articles….more

Guest Posting.

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Always write one or two post in a week for other blog which allow you to  guest post . guest posting on a high PR and traffic will make more backlinks…more

Write for Your Readers

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This Is one of the major problem that people just used to write to make money or for adds . honestly i also  do this but when i realize that there is something called SEO..more

Use Seo Friendly Them.

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  always prefer Those them which provide all the necessary things which you wanted. Seo Friendly theme are those which share your article with differnt networks…more


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