iPhone 6 Is Relieving its new model

Expecting Date To Release iPhone 6:-

In September 2014, maybe as early as June for Relieving the new model for iPhone.
  • Camera Quality is nearly similar to digital camera.
  • Pricing Expectation is same as you Expect from a premium Smart Phone.
The innovative iPhone 6 is  the most momentous gadgets in the history of the iPhone.

One thing is definite, with the Samsung Galaxy S5 as well as Sony Xperia Z2 simply coming soon, So apple will have to hit its version with the innovative mobile phone handset. It will cause the tremendous pressure on the head of iPhone developers. There have been several reports in the previous days about two screen options for the device . These options include a 4 .7-inch display and a 5 .5-inch screen . The shift to the 2K display will be a major leap for Apple . The current iPhone offering features 1136x640p resolution . The new iPhone will expectantly offer a pixel density up to 538ppi .

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